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Reflexology has been an ancient healing art for centuries. For the past 20 years I have been helping clients to heal themselves naturally. Let me show you how stimulating the reflexes that coordinate to our bodies organs can promote your well being.

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Due to its efficient hydration, antioxidant and alkalinity properties, KANGEN WATER is considered by many the world's best drinking water to help restore tissues and cells property to fight against disease.

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Stress & Worry should NOT be a part of your daily routine.  SRC4U considers an individual’s unique energy, then creates positive energy signals to link with the energy of the client to bring balance their individual energy and create an optimal  environment.

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About Me

My journey began 20 years ago looking for alternative health practices to help my son. Through finding different modalities that worked, I too became interested in learning more and my path began.

I awaken each morning and say "God, today send to me those that will benefit from the healing gifts you have given me to share". 

Daily, I continue down this path for myself and with my family, enjoying the Universe as it unfolds to us.


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